Welcome to Madison's World

It’s hot, cool, sexy and fun, all at once! We like out-there hair that’s wearable and easy for our customers. We like great fashion and love not fitting in. We want everyone to be able to come to the space and feel seen! At Madison's World it’s not even about the hair, it’s about the whole vibe and experience!

Q&A with Madison Finn

How long have you been a hair stylist?
Since I was 14, so like 16 years!

Why did you become a hair stylist?
I became a hairdresser because I wanted to leave high school, I loved how much you could express yourself and change peoples day and how they felt about themselves in just a few hours.

Where did you study?
I studied at Biba, I was the youngest in the school at the time and qualified by the time I was 17!

Where have you worked previously?
The standout places I've worked over the years are Fur Hairdressing, Archibald’s, and Biba (Toorak and Belgrave).

What is a career highlight?
I think my favourite job was making two custom looks for Laura and Deana fanning, for a Kiko Kostadinov editorial shot on the beach here in Australia.

What do you enjoy outside work
Generally hanging out with my daughter Maimie and and partner is my main focus when I’m not working! Other than that I love going out for wine, chippies, and oysters with my best friends 😊

What is next for the future of Madison’s?
Nothings is ever really planned for Madison’s, everything definitely just happens naturally which I’m into! I just want to keep going, and mostly showing people how I see hair and the world, or more importantly making more people’s days better!

Meet the team


Frank co-founded FUR in 1996, a haven for hairstylists to break free from convention. Over the course of two decades, Frank's vision thrived, so he's now excited to be part of Madison's World!


Meet Fox, our handsome salon cat who prowls the space with an air of mystery and a whisker-twitching charm. He's not great at cutting hair but he is very professional and a very good boy.


Alex is our latest apprentice at the salon! She's proving to be a sponge for all things hairdressing and is currently perfecting her blow wave skills.