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Snobgirls Curlalign Oil Capsules

Snobgirls Curlalign Oil Capsules

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For all types of unruly hair, curly, frizz-prone, frizzy, dry or coarse. Phytovegan super concentrated intensive leave-in hair oil infused with babassu oil, argan oil, olive oil, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, peptides, amino acids, and vitamins b3, h, c & e.

Curalign* quickly absorbs to deeply nourish and helps condition, moisturize, detangle, tame, discipline, control and ultra-smooth all types of unruly hair: curly, frizz-prone, frizzy, dry or coarse.

Products are available for purchase at our Salon, located at 506 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne.

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